Your Online Vintage Clothing Store and The Best of the 1970s
September 26, 2019

Your Online Vintage Clothing Store and The Best of the 1970s

Some might argue that American music reached its peak in the 1970s as artists from all genres drew inspiration from rock, pop and soul music from the 1960s. When the sound of rock was perfected and began to sound factory-produced, punk rock was spawned and started a movement that would last decades.

There was plenty going on in music in the 1970s and we will do our best to list the artists who stand out. American Recycled Clothing, your online vintage clothing store, offers you the best music artists of the 1970s.

Bruce Springsteen

Forget staples of the 1980s like “Dancing in the Dark” and “Born in the USA,” Springstreen hit his stride and produced his best music the previous decade.

Bruce Springsteen drew inspiration from socially conscious folk music and made rock music that appealed to frustrated youths and America’s working class. But the Boss’s talents go far beyond lyrical storytelling. His classic third album, Born to Run, consists of eight tracks about people dreaming of escaping oppressive lives scored with a backdrop of guitars, drums and saxophone.

Talking Heads

Alternative music, often dubbed New Wave, developed alongside rock in the late 1970s. And though rock ruled the airwaves and arenas, bands like the Talking Heads were turning heads and becoming increasingly popular.

The Talking Heads, with frontman David Byrne, had a habit of writing songs about things like air and paper. They dealt jagged riffs and yelped paranoia instead of sing-along choruses.

The Eagles

Love them or hate them, you cannot deny they were a driving force in the 1970s. The Eagles credentials are beyond reproach in terms of body of work, influence and longevity. Unfortunately, they are also a victim of their own success.

The group has been overplayed for decades, making some want to run away from the speakers when one of their songs comes on. But they were fresh and groovy in the 1970s and their songs still evoke thought and feelings. But, that’s just like, our opinion, man.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence were not fashionable, but they were hugely popular and racked up several singles on the charts. Much of CCR’s success and popularity can be attributed to their catchy lyrics and mastery of short and sweet songs.

The Dude approves.


Chicago was the band that picked up where Blood, Sweat and Tears left off. They were basically a big rock band with a horn section and talented musicians mixing rock with classical music and jazz.

There many hits of the 1970s, including “25 or 6 to 4” and “Saturday in the Park,” remain staples on classic rock radio.

James Taylor

In 1971, James Taylor found himself on the cover of Time magazine with the headline, “The New Rock: Bittersweet and Low.” His medium was the elements, dust, wind, fire and rain, and he became known for writing and performing sensitive songs.

Blue Oyster Cult

This band is often cited as a major influence by such acts as Metallica. Just pick an album and play it, you won’t be disappointed.

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