Recycled Clothing and Watches
August 28, 2019

Recycled Clothing and Watches

In our modern era of electronics, mainly smartphones, watches have all but vanished from the wrists of men and women. Millennials see watches as dated and old-fashioned. Besides, they feel, nobody needs a watch when all you have to do is check your phone for the time and date.

What the younger generation fails to understand is that you don’t necessarily wear a watch for utilitarian reasons. You wear a watch because it is a fashion statement and an accessory that completes your ensemble and because it is a status symbol. 

If you go back through history, watches played a big part of a man’s style. Steve McQueen lit up the silver screen in Bullitt wearing a Rolex Submariner and was instantly dubbed “The King of Cool.” Buzz Aldrin wore his watch on the moon, nobody can beat that. And if you do a search on Google, you will find countless presidents who never left the Oval Office without wearing a watch. 

There are modern celebrities who wear watches as well. Pope Francis, Bono and Bill Gates still wear watches. Kate Middleton often sports a classy Cartier on her left wrist. Miley Cyrus chooses to wear a bold-looking Rolex Daytona. And Heidi Klum subtly commands attention in her Panerai Radiomir. Oh, and Kim Kardashian wears a watch as well. If you care about what Kim K. does.

Watches are the most important accessory to any outfit. They complete your jeans and t-shirt ensemble. They look great with vintage windbreakers and bomber jackets. Wear a watch and you will absolutely shine in your vintage Ralph Lauren polo dress.  

For you guys out there, wearing a watch will add a little class to your style. And some of you could really use a little class. 

American Recycled Clothing, your source for recycled clothing, offers the reasons why you should be wearing a watch to complete your ensemble.

Individual Style

Wearing a watch will help set you apart from the crowd. You can express yourself by adding a watch to your ensemble. You look pretty tight wearing a pair of vintage Levi jeans and Vintage Metallica tee, but you look that much better when you add a watch to the mix. It’s kind of like cranking your guitar amp to 11.

Prevent Distractions

Every time that you check your smartphone for the time, you wind up checking texts, checking email, scrolling Instagram or playing some silly game app you recently downloaded. Basically, you waste a whole lot of time every time you look at your phone.

When you glance at your watch to get the time, that is pretty much all you get. But at least you aren’t wasting time.

Once you have wasted an hour watching cat videos, you have completely defeated the purpose of checking your smartphone for the time.

Watches Have Meaning

A watch is very much like an heirloom piece and they can have powerful memories attached to them. For example, perhaps you were wearing a watch when you proposed, or were proposed to. Maybe you were wearing a watch when you closed on that killer deal. Maybe you have a watch that reminds you of a grandparent or other relative.   

Watches are so much more than just stainless steel, they are a symbol of our legacy.

Improve Your Style

Studies show that man and women who dress well are more attractive to the opposite sex. Stylish dressers also appear more competent, trustworthy and smarter. They are also more likely to get hired and promoted.

Now, everybody wants to appear smart and trustworthy and they would love to get that promotion, but many aren’t willing to dress in a business suit just to look good.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to dramatically improve your style is to wear a watch. Wearing a watch instantly pushes you from a five or six to an eight or nine. You get a ten if your hair is combed.

Mind the Rules

As a watch wearer, there are some rules that you need to follow. The first rule is to buy a decent watch. You don’t have to dole out thousands of dollars for a Rolex, Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet, just make sure you don’t settle for a watch made from plastic or base metal. There are quality watches available that are very affordable. 

Wear It Right

You don’t pair a classy suit with a knock-off Casio from Walmart. You also shouldn’t wear a gold-plated luxury watch while serving meals at the local soup kitchen. And only a fool would wear a fully-functional diving watch to a job interview. 

Just as you know to never wear brown shoes with a black suit, make sure you wear the proper watch for the occasion.
Checking Your Watch at Inappropriate Times

If you are in a meeting, on a date or at a social event, don’t make a habit of checking your watch too often. It is rude. Just as it is rude to check your glaring smartphone right in the middle of a movie while at the theater. 

Checking your watch too often shows others that you have other things on your mind. 

Skip the Bling

If you are a legit rock star, then wearing a diamond-encrusted Rolex is fine. If you play bass in a band that does Cannibal Corpse covers, then you certainly shouldn’t be wearing a diamond-encrusted Rolex, even if you can afford one.

After you buy a watch, supplement it with a few shirts and jeans from American Recycled Clothing. Shop now.