Recycled Clothing and Caring For Your Shirts
September 26, 2019

Recycled Clothing and Caring For Your Shirts

There is no doubt the reason your vintage T. Rex shirt is hung towards the front of your closet; because it’s your favorite shirt and you wear it quite often. You spouse might even argue that you wear it all too often. Of course, that’s just, like, her opinion, man.

When you aren’t wearing your T. Rex shirt, you are probably wearing any of the other shirts you have dubbed favorites. This includes your vintage Colorado State University shirt and that one cool shirt with the Thundercats logo on it.

You have quite the collection of vintage tees, and you should be taking very good care of them. Shirts don’t last forever you know and you want yours to last as long as possible. So you need to properly care for them.

American Recycled Clothing, your recycled clothing store, offers tips to caring for your vintage tees.

White Shirts

One of the best tips for white shirts might be stating the obvious for some. Wash your white shirt with other whites. And don’t even think about tossing in that red shirt with a white load, you are just inviting disaster.

If any colored shirt leaks in the wash, you will ruin your white shirts, not cool.

Pay Attention to Labels

That tag on the neck of your favorite shirt is full of pertinent information. It gives you laundering instructions which will ensure it stays in great shape over the years. If your shirt label says dry clean only, washing it could ruin it.

If you are not into hand washing shirts and hanging them up to dry, then read the label ahead of time. If you aren’t willing to adhere to special washing instructions, you are better off buying shirts that can be tossed into the washer.

Laundering Tips

Each washer and dryer is different. It makes sense to know the settings on your washing machine and dryer. Read up on your model so you know what settings will work best for your shirts.

The delicate setting is often used for lingerie, but it is also very effective for shirts that you want treated gently. The washing process is rough on your shirts. Since you can’t wear your shirt when it is dirty and stinky, you must wash it. So be careful when you are wearing your favorite shirt and try to keep it clean so you don’t have to wash it too often.

Wash any clothing with buttons or zippers separately. While your shirt might be safe from zippers and buttons in the wash, it certainly is in danger in the dryer. So wash clothing with metal components on their own and keep them away from your favorite shirt.

Wash your dark t-shirts inside out as they can fade in the wash. This will help them hold their color.

If you don’t have a clothesline or drying rack, seriously consider getting one or the other. If your favorite shirt is line dry only, throwing in the dryer is a death knell for it. Even if your shirt can get tossed in the dryer, it will last longer if you air dried it.

Good Hygiene

This might sound a bit funny, but practicing good hygiene can help your shirts last longer. By showering and wearing deodorant, you keep your shirts cleaner and in better condition. Don’t forget that sweat causes stains.

It also makes sense to wear the right clothes for the right events. For example, don’t wear your favorite shirt to a BBQ party where sauce and beer are flying all over the place.

Do Hair and Makeup First

It is best to do up your hair and put on makeup before slipping into your favorite shirt. Hair dye, hairspray and makeup can do some serious damage to your shirts, so resist that final spritz of hairspray as you head out the door.

Good Storage Habits

Whether you just have a couple of shelves or a walk-in closet, the way you store your close has a direct impact on how long they last.

You can score wire hangers from your dry cleaner for free, but they are not made for long-term storage. Wire and plastic hangers tend to stretch out the shoulders of your shirts, which causes them to fit loosely on your body.

Consider investing in wooden hangers with plush arms that help garments hold their shape.

Give your shirts some breathing room by not stacking them on top of each other. Squishing tons of clothes into a small space will result in wrinkling and fading as the fabrics are constantly mashed together.


Just like they do it at the supermarket with milk and produce, you should be rotating your shirts. This means that after wearing your T. Rex shirt, put it to the back of the closet. This way, you wear it less often and it will last longer.

If you find this a difficult task, simply buy more shirts that you love and wear those instead.

Carefully Iron

When you iron your Iron Maiden shirt, you are using heat to press it flat. But there is a good chance that you wind up ruining your shirt if you aren't doing it right.

Make sure you have the right setting for the shirt you are ironing. For example, a cotton shirt requires a cotton setting on your iron.

Follow these tips and your favorite vintage tees from American Recycled Clothing will last a long time. Shop now.