Recycled Clothing and The Best Cartoons
October 01, 2019

Recycled Clothing and The Best Cartoons

With so many great cartoons since the dawn of television, it is about impossible to name them all in such a short article. A great cartoon can take on a variety of forms. Most of the time, they are full of fun and humor, but some can be dark and adventurous.

You might think that only great cartoons win awards and have high ratings, but that is not always the case. Many great cartoons have poor ratings and have never won an award. What makes a cartoon great is how well-crafted it is and how it all comes together at the end of each episode.

A great cartoon is a cartoon that you will come back and watch over and over again. You might even be such a big fan that you sport one of their shirts. American Recycled Clothing presents a short list of great cartoons.

The Flintstones

We bet you didn’t know that The Flintstones was originally aired on primetime television and was the longest syndicated cartoon until The Simpsons broke their record.

The content is undoubtedly a tad archaic for modern sensibilities, but it is still one of the most beloved cartoons of all time. We apologize if the theme song is stuck in your head right now.


The world was introduced to Scooby and the gang in 1969 and we are all better people because of it. A rag-tag team of teens and their cowardly dog investigate paranormal activity. But in the end, it was never a ghost or ghoul, it was always some dude wearing a fiendish mask and grumbling about those meddling teens ruining their plans.

The Powerpuff Girls

It is really unfortunate that gender stereotypes are enforced in many cartoons. Boys wear blue and are tough while girls wear pink and spend their time in the kitchen, it’s something you see all too often.

The Powerpuff Girls is a cartoon not created for girls. That is, The Powerpuff Girls is a girl show that invites other genders and age groups into their world and to enjoy something beyond what you usually see on television.

Hey Arnold

As you sit around late at night gorging yourself on 1990s nostalgic Nicktoons, take note of the brilliance of Hey Arnold. We may ruffle some feathers with this opinion, but Hey Arnold is easily one of the top cartoons of its generation.

It takes a truly unique cartoon to retain its timeless value in an age before there were cell phones in every household.

The Bugs Bunny Show

Bugs Bunny is easily the most beloved and enduring character of the 20th century. You can put him up there with Mr. T, Pee-Wee Herman and Superman. As a cartoon character, Bugs is a legend, he even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We could make several points about the reasons why the show is so great, but you will get the idea after watching the classic Hunting Season Trilogy and What’s Opera, Doc?

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