Vintage Clothes and Social Media
August 28, 2019

Vintage Clothes and Social Media

Given the number of diseases that can kill you or the other ways in which you could die, you would think that sitting isn’t the worst thing you can do for your health. But then, you would be wrong.

We have some very bad news for you. In case you haven’t heard, sitting is the new cancer and if you are doing too much of it, it will eventually kill you. We even captured the attention of you smokers out there.

Sitting, smoking, drinking, cancer, car accidents, there are many ways in which you can meet an early demise. But there is now a new culprit to fear: Facebook. 

You see, one of the things many of you love doing while you are sitting on the couch doing nothing is to scroll through Facebook or any of the other social media sites for that matter. Some of you will literally sit there for hours doing nothing but scrolling through sites on your smartphone. Well, we have some bad news for you; you are slowly killing yourself.

And if you could pull your face out of your smartphone for a few minutes, you might save your life.

Health officials have already conducted several studies that prove maladies like Facebook depression exist. In fact, you could be suffering from such a condition right now. 

If only you could put down your smartphone and live life a little. After all, you just loaded up on some pretty sweet swag from American Recycled Clothing. You should be dressing up in your new vintage graphic tees and vintage jeans and painting the town red.

Vintage clothes from American Recycled Clothing won’t kill you, they will make your life more interesting. Here are the reasons why social media is killing you.


When you scroll through social media, it makes you feel like you want everything you see and you want it right now. And you want it all without having to work for it or put out any effort. People who are addicted to social media demand instant gratification.

Don’t take out word for it, the proof is in the studies that have been conducted.


It is rather curious how good other people’s lives look on social media. Of course, the lives we are seeing are edited and filtered, but that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference to most people.

What you see are the activities that people cherry-pick for their audience. They are all too eager to post the wonderful meal they had at a restaurant, but they would never post the slop they whipped up at home last night for dinner.   

In fact, most people avoid posting anything that can be seen as negative or depressing. So when you scroll their timeline, it looks as though they are leading some pretty amazing and interesting lives.

When you compare what you are seeing to how your life is going, it is easy to see why you can get depressed. Stop scrolling social media and you will be a happier person.


The more you use social media, the less happy you will be. One study, in particular, found that Facebook use was linked to depression and a life far from satisfying. This is due to seeing what other people are doing in their lives and becoming jealous because your life seems such a bore in comparison. 

Social isolation is yet another reason why social media triggers sadness and other negative feelings. You are sad because you aren’t at a great restaurant eating five-star food, you are at home looking at photos of other people having fun. 


Internet addiction may or may not be a real thing, but there is plenty of evidence to support social media addiction. 

One recent study took a look at the personalities, psychological characteristics and social media usage. The conclusion was that a new term should be invented: Facebook Addiction Disorder. 

This is a condition in which personal life is neglected, moods are modified and there is a mental preoccupation with social media. Do you suffer from it?

We suggest you get off social media for the time being. Spend your new-found free time shopping for vintage tees and other goodies at American Recycled Clothing.