May 09, 2019

Recycled Clothing and That Van Halen Tee You Want

Nothing is quite as timeless and classy than a Van Halen tee shirt from the 80s. It is especially great because it fits you nicely, it’s stylish and it’s iconic. But best of all, it is perfect for almost any occasion, expect work and weddings.

You love it even though you weren’t even alive when the band was enjoying their peak success and in all honesty, you wouldn’t know a Van Halen song if it hit you alongside the head.

And that is what we are going to discuss today.

We are here to talk about why you should do a little research before you start wearing that Van Halen tee shirt. Wearing a tee shirt of a band that is not on any of your playlists is a huge social foul and you should never let that happen. American Recycled Clothing offers you the reasons why you should never wear a shirt from a band or artist you don’t listen to.

It Can Make You Look Bad

This might be the most important point we make in this article. You throw on your newly-acquired Van Halen tee and head out to a barbecue that a friend is throwing.

Everything is going really good. You scarfed a few grilled burgers and sipped on some fine beer and now you find yourself in a candid conversation with a woman you just met who just happens to be single and has quite the charming smile and personality.

And it just so happens that she is a BIG fan of Van Halen. Nice.

She tells you how much she digs your shirt and asks about your favorite song.

Uh-Oh. You just got painted into a corner.

Regardless of your answer, you are going to look like a complete fool. If you tell the truth and admit you are wearing the shirt for the “cool” factor, it doesn't make you look good. And you will certainly feel like a fool if you name a song you think Van Halen played and wind up being wrong.

It’s an Insult to the Artist

When you throw on a Rage Against the Machine tee, are you aware of the political stance of the band? Do you even care? You wear a Beatles tee, but have no idea how many lives have been changed by John Lennon’s lyrics.

These artists spend their entire lives writing songs, cutting records and performing shows. It is their life and their passion. Think about that next time you see the 18-year-old clerk at 7-11 sporting a Black Flag shirt who could not even tell you what decade the band was popular.

A Band, Not a Brand

From a business standpoint, a band should be proud if their tee shirts are being sold to people who know nothing about them. That is what we call successful marketing.

But from the perspective of a true fan, seeing somebody wearing a Van Halen tee without any knowledge of the band is the same as somebody wearing a Calvin Klein tee. Your musical heroes are being represented for superficial material purposes.

Shallow Bands

Bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd have befallen a terrible fate. These brilliant artists have less merit because they have become a fashion statement for people who know nothing about them. How sad.

It used to be that wearing a band tee meant that you were a passionate fan. Now, too many people are wearing band tees and have no opinion of the band.

So if you are going to order that classic Van Halen tee, go for it because you will look great. But please at least watch a few videos and get to know the band a little before heading out in public in your new tee from American Recycled Clothing.